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Actually, there is one practical and beneficial solution. Textbook publishers should separate the textbooks into different booklets, each covering a discrete topic. Since teachers usually lecture in a topic-based approach, students will only need to bring a thin booklet to school under the new arrangement. Not only do students benefit from a lighter load, but the publishers will gain as well. The use of loose-leaf binding in textbooks will need more pieces of paper in total, because cash booklet will have its own cover and functional pages such as content and index pages.

The extra cost should not be significant as it will be averaged out by mass production, but the publishers can lift the price a bit as long as customers are willing to buy a textbook using a better binding method. Apart from textbook publishers, schools should be more lenient towards students. They should not punish students for leaving bulky textbooks inside their drawers.

Although schools are concerned about pupils not studying if they leave textbooks at school, there can be other methods than banning it to solve the problems. For instance, teachers can distribute concise notes for students to study. Sometimes the school may require students to bring non-textbook items, like painting sets, readers and so on, to school.

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I recommend that schools should provide each student with a locker whenever possible. If the space of the school is too limited to place lockers, installing a drawer with lock to each student desk is also a favorable alternative. In this way, the weight of school bags can be further lessened.

Last but not least, students should bear some responsibility for their huge daily burden. I heard that some students are far too lazy to tidy up their school bags every day. They put everything, no matter necessary or not, into their school bags but they never take anything out.

As a result, the weight of the bag continuously increases. Primary kids should not be blamed for this since they might not know what to put in a school bag and need assistance from their parents. However, as secondary students, teenagers should be able to manage their school bags well. There is no excuse for them not to organize the items they have to bring to school. They will certainly find their school bags much lighter if they organize them wisely. As stated above, the problem of overweight school bags can be easily dealt with if textbook publishers, teachers and students are willing to take a step forward.

A small step of progress might already result in a large reduction in school bag weights. I hope that next year I will hear from the news that the school bags have become fitter than before. Heavy school bags.

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