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Artillery barrages light up the sky during the attack on Beaumont Hamel.

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July 2, The division took 4, casualties capturing the wood. A British soldier dresses the wounds of a German prisoner near Bernafay Wood. July 19, Canadian troops fix bayonets before going over the top to assault German positions.

Essay on Battle of the Somme

A German field telephonist relays artillery requests from the front lines. A piper of the 7th Seaforth Highlanders leads four men of the 26th Brigade back from the trenches after the attack on Longueval. July 14, Soldiers cross the river Ancre during the Allied attack on Thiepval Ridge. September, German prisoners carry British wounded during the assault on Trones Wood.

British soldiers advancing under cover of gas and smoke while making a break in the German lines through to Serre and Thiepval. Men of the 1st Anzac Division, some wearing German helmets, pose for the camera after fighting near Pozieres Ridge.

Friday essay: the Battle of the Somme and the death of martial glory

July 23, Men of the Border Regiment rest in shallow dugouts near Thiepval Wood. August, A 6-inch howitzer is hauled through the mud near Pozieres.

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Reinforcements cross the old German front line during the advance towards Flers. September 15, A Mark I tank lies ditched north of Bouleaux Wood on the day tanks first went into action. Horses haul ammunition forward in deep mud along the Lesboeufs Road outside Flers. November, A German cannon lies buried under uprooted trees in Louage Wood during an Allied offensive. October 10, A German soldier walks through the ruined streets of Peronne.

Face To Face: Was The Battle Of The Somme Worth It?

Any factual error or typo? Let us know. Contact About us Privacy Policy. Home France. French troops prepare to move on German positions. An artillery depot behind German lines. Wounded British soldiers return from the front lines. Indian cavalry of the British army. Soldiers sit in the trenches of the wood called Des Fermes in the Somme.

click German troops carry Lewis gun equipment. An aerial view of a French offensive. A man builds barbed wire obstacles on the Somme. Soldiers gather near a Mark I tank at Flers. September 17, While the inventions during this time period were later evolved into much more. This was not however the only achievement of the battle of the Somme. Moreover, the Somme marked a change in the global perception of Britain; it became a force to be reckoned with.

Erich von Falkenhayn, Chief of the German. Alongside the opposition enemy, soldiers had to contend with shortage of food and appalling conditions. The voluntary period saw the first sort of army to be set up.

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However this set of volunteers were formed into action later during the Battle of the Somme. This was called the Kitcheners army, largely influenced through persuasive poster campaigns. This staggeringly led to over one million men to enlist by January The major ploy was the idea of the conscription and the effectivness of the. Yet, even as sharks have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, the summer of presented the first unexpected change for these great animals.

In the span of that week, children were dying at the rate of one per hour from a polio epidemic in New York City alone. Yet, the American press.

It was an offensive type of battle. The British and the french got around 7 miles of ground and lost thousands of men in the process of the battle. It is considered one of the largest and bloodiest battles of WWI. The program was designed to encourage readiness among the community in.

The First day of the Somme (1916)

In Washington State, the civilian populace fought for the idea of bringing a military base to the American Lake region. A private group of concerned citizens got together at American Lake to organize a training program that was designed for non-enlistment personnel. The British launched The Battle of the Somme to achieve two objectives. The first and most important goal was to relieve pressure on the French Army at Verdun, and the second was to inflict as heavy a loss as possible on the German Armies.