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Differences between the Musical and Pygmalion 5. Intention 5. Genre Changes 5. The Theme of Love and Cinderella 5. Appendix 8. I'm an Ordinary Man 8.

Without You 8. Just You Wait 8. Show Me 8. The Rain in Spain. Pygmalion is one of the most famous comedies of all times. Its mythological background is fascinating as the topic is still up to date. This is why it has influenced many artists to use the story for their works. The mythological background, though, is not the only reason why the story of Pygmalion has attracted that many artists and is that popular. It is the diversity of its themes and actions. There is for example a love story, a criticism of society, many different characters that are interesting in each way, changes in individual personalities and so on.

By this range of different subject matters the play was open to everybody in Victorian society, no matter which class he or she belonged to. As class distinctions, and with it different privileges and snobbism, were much more distinctive in that era than today, it was a welcome change, especially for the lower classes. The story of Pygmalion actually derives from Greek mythology. However, Ovid did use up the subject matter in his Metamorphoses and it is his version which will be used in the following paper.

Pygmalion, a Cypriot sculptor, had renounced all women because of bad experience with them. Furthermore he thought them to be bad influence for himself and therefore concentrated on his work. Unconsciously, out of ivory he forms the body of a woman, who is so beautiful that he treats her more and more like a real person and finally falls in love with her. The day Venus was celebrated, Pygmalion begs her that his future wife be like the statue he created, because he does not dare to articulate his real wish.

Venus, however, feels what his secret wish is and turns the statue into a real person.

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When Pygmalion comes home and turns towards the statue to kiss and embrace her, like he did before, she slowly turns into a living person. They marry and nine months later their son Paphos is being born. The main point in this story in regard to the topic of the paper is Pygmalion creating a perfect woman who becomes real, which means that he has formed his own wife after his fancy.

This theme is also present in G. It deals with a linguistics professor who wants to turn a flower girl into a lady simply by teaching her how to speak properly, i. In a way he also forms a woman after his ideas and taste. She takes her destiny into her own hands and one could speak of an emancipated woman.

For this reason I will elaborate the role of women in Victorian society in general and in Pygmalion in specific. The difference in time promises a difference in the reception of the story and it is probable that the changes in society between and are reflected in those two versions. Especially the role of women changed in those years. I will start with analyzing Pygmalion , which takes place in the Victorian era. Therefore background information about this era is necessary, as especially its certain image of women is reflected in the play.

It is also G. It influences the story and plot of Pygmalion and might also be influenced by his own biography. In the next part I will examine Pygmalion concerning feminist approaches by means of certain parts and topics in the play. As mentioned above, gender roles changed during history and these changes can also be seen in literature and other media.

After that I will focus on this image, its realisation in My fair lady. The main point of this thesis will be to show and prove by means of gender roles that both works fit the society and its values in which they were written and that therefore these roles changed in literature and other media through history. During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century England gained political and economical power.

Under the reign of Queen Victoria it ruled great parts of America, Africa and Asia and was the richest country in the world. However, this property was divided in an unjust way. Industrialisation, urbanisation and the railway revolutionised society and changed the life of every single person. Traditional professions were not needed anymore and alternative factory jobs were underpaid.

There were great discrepancies between rich and poor which were manifested in differences in payment, language, education and culture. Nevertheless, people were still in favour of progress. The underclass believed in implementation of their interests, because democratic institutions and a parliament were established and freedom of press was arranged. Furthermore, did the economic boom between and destroy any doubts about the changes, and the growing middleclass, the most present one in those days whose values shape this era, experienced drastic improvements of living conditions.

Queen Victoria therefore stands for modernism and break-up. However, she still holds on to tradition and convention.

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The feminist movement, though, started even earlier than the Victorian era, during the French Revolution as an effect of social revolutions. In England, the first feminist movement appeared in the 18th century, because women were dissatisfied with their situation. As the Industrial Revolution also started in this age and with it the living conditions drastically changed for the worse, not only women depended on an extra income but whole families.

It was at that time when women started to fight for political, economical and social equalisation because they earned far less than men. Until then, economically as well as socially, marriage was the safest solution for a woman Watkins Until then they were supposed to give birth to children, raise them and be there for their husbands.

A very small number of women found a job in the new factories of the mill-towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire. On the one hand they were more independent than their counterparts back home; on the other hand they drastically realized the differences in the wages and working hours between men and women Watkins This awakening was another catalyst for the feminist movement.

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A well-known part of the feminist movement are the suffragettes. This is represented by the characters, their situations, and their aphoristic comments.

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Eliza Doolittle starts out as a sassy, smart-mouthed flower girl with disgraceful English. However, Shaw is suppressing women; the main character in Pygmalion is Eliza Doolittle is a poor, young woman and Professor Higgins is influenced by a bet to turn into a fine young woman by teaching her to speak correctly. Although Higgins is giving her the chance to learn how to speak like a lady, it is not through. Almost everyone knows the basic outlines of this story of the Cockney flower girl who is almost magically transformed into a duchess by taking speech phonetic lessons from her famous professor.

The abuse comes partly from the fact that Shaw subtitled his play, "A Romance.

Discuss the different ways of representing class conflicts. Shaw was a member of the Fabian Society; a collection of middle class people who believed that capitalism had created an unjust and unfair society. They were concerned about the unreasonable and imbalanced class system of the time and wanted to 'reconstruct society', creating an equal and fair civilisation with no class divide,. As a social activist during the early s, Shaw chose to introduce the incorrect judgment placed upon working class citizens to his wealthier audiences within his play Pygmalion.

Henry Higgins finds poor flower girl Eliza and determines her a lost soul, deciding immediately he could. The ideas, values and plotline are redefined in a new context to appeal to a different audience.

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Like all texts, both Pygmalion, written by George Bernard Shaw and Pretty Woman, directed by Gary Marshall, reflect values, beliefs and attitudes of the time, nearly 80 years apart. The use of different forms highlights the different intended audiences. On one hand, Pygmalion was a play intended for the upper echelons on society.

Pretty woman was created with the intention to blockbuster so it was. George Benard Shaw's Pygmalion addresses an individual's capability to advance through society, an idea as old as social distinction. Shaw does so through the social parable of a young English flower girl named Eliza Dolittle, who after receiving linguistic training assumes the role of a duchess.

She receives instruction. Pygmalion George Bernard show Pygmalion as a problem play Problem play: defined and explained A problem play is a play in which a number of problems are presented and analyzed thoroughly but no solutions to those problems are provided by the dramatist. Such a play serves as a great irritant to the thought. It is though provoking. Pygmalion is a problem play in this sense. Summary of the Play, page 2 2.

Introduction and Short Analysis of the Main Character, page 4 3. Interpretation, page 5 4. Additional Information, page 7 5. Literature and Links, page 8 1. Summary London at A bunch of people ist gathering in St. Pauls church, looking outside and waiting for the rain to stop. Among the crowd, there. Home Page Research Pygmalion Essay.

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Pygmalion Essay. However, in Pygmalion, Shaw tells a story about the transition of a homeless young woman with the aspiration to become a Continue Reading. She is very Continue Reading. In some cases Continue Reading. The form has none of the complexity that we find in Heartbreak Continue Reading. The film interpretation is similar to the play in many aspects, though it is different in that, because it Continue Reading. Throughout the course of the play Higgins transforms her into an elegant independent Continue Reading.

She meets other friends Continue Reading. The major Continue Reading. Eliza is Continue Reading. But there Continue Reading. The book takes place in London, England were a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle tries to sell flowers to a bystander who becomes disgusted by her Continue Reading. George Bernard Shaw, author of the play Pygmalion, who had passed away prior to the production of My Fair Lady in , therefore, he could not assist in Continue Reading.

It starts as just a bet on the part of the Professor and the Colonel, but Continue Reading. In Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, Eliza Doolittle experiences this type of enlightenment as the result of undergoing a drastic change Continue Reading. Shaw uses Pygmalion to show how language Continue Reading.

They both enlist the help of teachers to try and guide them into a higher class of Continue Reading. Pygmalion was later adapted into the film, My Fair Lady in , and although there are many differences between the two, the Continue Reading. Pygmalion was too scared to Continue Reading. Silver the robot is originally a machine for entertainment Continue Reading. Continue Reading. He coachers her night Continue Reading. I wonder what was Continue Reading.

This he does because he is disgusted with all Continue Reading. The author uses Continue Reading. The essay will tell you how they treat various characters in the play, and Continue Reading. If handled wisely Continue Reading. Before looking at the theories and studies that support the argument it is important to look at two individual but Continue Reading. This myth is the first example of the self-fulfilling prophecy, Pygmalion creates a statue and falls in love with it, wishing it to Continue Reading. In Pygmalion, Continue Reading. Society was changing at an alarming rate and Shaw wanted to make sure his audiences were pushed into thinking about issues such as imminent feminism, the class system and the importance Continue Reading.

Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics, and Colonel Pickering are the witnesses to this situation. She stays to live there for the period of studies and immediately becomes a part of the secular life and a center of attention with her direct and unexpectable manners of speaking.

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She is doing her best in fixing the tone. However, the words of her speeches are still inappropriate for the intelligent society. Not bloody likely! After few months of successful education, even father does not recognize Eliza, and Higgins wins the bet. They argue, and she leaves his house. First of all, both main male heroes, Pygmalion and professor Higgins cannot find the common language with women. The second obvious similarity is that the mentioned men are creators.

In new interpretation, in the opposite, there is no chance for the romantic relations of Higgins and Eliza. Contemporary version leaves ellipses in their relationships, but Higgins has always been rude to Eliza. Moreover, Higgins dedicates too much time to his mother and science, while Eliza became a confident and independent woman and overcame the part of a student Bostridge. The story from real life states that there was even a fight between the leading actor of the play Herbert Beerbohm Tree and Bernard Shaw concerning a culmination of the play.

The variant of Tree supposed that Eliza catches the bouquet of flowers in the last episode of play predicting the wedding Ellis. A curious explanation exists for such an ending, which says that Bernard Shaw chose this final version with a secret subtext of a lady who rejected his proposal. However, it has differences as well as similarities. The main common feature of these writings is the character of central male hero noticeable since the beginning: bachelors, who are trying to avoid dealing with women. Bostridge, Mark.

Ellis, Samantha.