Argumentative essay on a modest proposal

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Essay about A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift - Words | Bartleby

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How to write proposal essay sample discreetliasonscom an universi View. He revels in putting a price on a beggar child as the child matures. He uses the figure of , children as full reservoir, then reserves 20, as breeders, but not more than 5, of that number as males.

Essay about A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift

He reasons that 5, males is a usual number for sheep, cattle and swine. Of the , infants that remain, Swift writes, these should be fattened up for the meat market. He almost forces the reader to think that it is a well thought-out plan that would benefit all—irony at its very best. Swift is not a feminist. Instead, he puts the sole responsibility of caring for beggar children on the mother.

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It is false to believe that he is not a moralist. Obviously, poverty-stricken mothers and their children disturbed him, but is that because of their drain on an already weak Irish economy or because these deplorable human beings actually tugged at his heart strings and bothered him enough that he felt the urge to write about it? In no way is this modest suggestion, but rather an alarming, vivid picture of cannibalism meant to elicit action regarding this social problem. Swift, J.

A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

A modest proposal in R. Diyanni Ed. London: Longman. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here. Updated: November 1,