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Translating SOD1 gene silencing towards the clinic: A highly efficacious, off-target free and biomarker-supported strategy for familial ALS. Nucleic Acids ; SRSF1-dependent nuclear export of C9ORF72 repeat-transcripts: targeting toxic gain-of-functions induced by protein sequestration as a selective therapeutic strategy for neuroprotection.

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Invited Research Highlight review. Ther Targets Neurol Dis. Front Mol Neurosci. Sci Rep. Invited review.

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C9orf72 expansion disrupts ATM-mediated chromosomal break repair. Nat Neurosci.

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Nat Commun. EMBO J. Hautbergue GM. Widespread RNA dysregulation in neurodegeneration: challenges and opportunities.

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Invited Editorial. Austin Neurol.

Two complementary approaches for intracellular delivery of exogenous enzymes. PLoS One ; 10 5 :e Acta Neuropathol. Invited review: decoding the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie RNA dysregulation in neurodegenerative disorders: a review of the current state of the art.

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Invited Review. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol. Preparing for a competitive exam is not a tough job provided you adopt a systematic approach.


Given below are few guidelines that will help you to prepare better for these exams. Union Public Service Commission. Railway Competitive Examination. An SSC is a short project within the medical degree where as a BSc project is a longer module within the Biomedical Sciences degree which requires the student to undertake original research and is assessed via a dissertation. The main types of projects that you might offer are research or clinical audit.

Research is considered to be establishing best practice, whilst clinical audit evaluates how close practice is to best practice perhaps by NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines. Tutors are advised that the ethical approval process can take a long time and will need to be considered and assessed at the time of the project proposal. It is imperative that students have structured support and guidance during their SSC period. Please see FAQ no 3 regarding tutor involvement. All SSC 1 submitted projects will be passed through a plagiarism detection service prior to distribution for marking.

Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level (SSC - CGL)

Any projects that require further investigation will be withheld from circulation until an initial assessment and or they have been considered by the plagiarism panel. Tutors are asked to return their SSC 1 results within 21 days, and will be contacted regularly with reminders should they not meet this deadline. Students are strongly encouraged to inform their tutors of their result once they have been released, we also notify the tutors of any students that fail. An additional attempt may be granted by an appeal panel.

SSC 1 — If a tutor and their second marker agree that an SSC 1 project has not met the criteria of a Pass then the assessment form needs to be completed accordingly, giving the student feedback as to what they need to do in order to improve their SSC. Once the registry receives the completed assessment form the result in processed and the student is sent a fail letter.

The fail letter confirms the date of resubmission and encloses a copy of the assessment form and feedback. The student in required to resubmit within 30 days of notification, and not meeting a deadline is grounds for the result of Fail to be recorded.

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If a student fails their SSC T they are required to repeat the component of the assessment that they failed, e. The resubmission deadlines are set in advance and are reiterated in the fail letter which is sent to the student, and the tutors of students who fail are notified. A small number of external SSC places are also funded subject to prior agreement, but unfortunately the rate provided does not match the session rates provided for CBL and PBL tutors. However, GP surgeries and other external non trust clinical providers may be eligible for remuneration from the SIFT budget.

Proposals for the forthcoming academic year must be received electronically by the SSC Development Officer no later than 25 th March Proposal forms can be obtained by emailing nsimcox sgul. Log in. Login Name.